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How to Send Holiday Mail to Heroes

Usually around this time every year, I see a website or a Facebook post floating around about sending holiday cards to wounded warriors, veterans, etc. Often times the information is incorrect.

Recently, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, sent out a link with the correct information on how to send holiday mail to our heroes at Walter Reed. Here is the information from their website. I’ve also attached the link.

Holiday Mail for Heroes

“Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Public Affairs

Every year there is a FaceBook Post that goes viral listing the wrong address for sending Holiday Cards to service members, veterans and families receiving care at Walter Reed Bethesda. It lists the address for Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Georgia Ave, which closed more than 4 years ago. PLEASE, if and when you see this FaceBook Post, respond to correct it. Any cards sent to 5900 Georgia Ave, “Any Service Member,” or to “A Recovering American Service Member” will be returned to sender because the address does not exist. Please do not forget about our veterans who are receiving care at your local VA Hospital.

Walter Reed Bethesda and the American Red Cross, National Capital Region is encouraging those interested to join us in helping to provide service members, veterans and their families, cards to send home to their loved ones this holiday season! Deadline for Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa cards is Friday, November 27, 2015.

Items to include in each bundle:
3 blank holiday cards (same holiday per bundle and no glitter)
3 blank envelopes with postage stamps
1 short message to the service member (do not included contact information, only first name)
Bundled with a ribbon

Please drop off or mail completed bundles to:
American Red Cross in the National Capital Region
ATTN: Holiday Mail for Heroes
8550 Arlington Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22031

Those interested in sending signed holiday cards are encouraged to contact their local Red Cross office, Military Treatment Facility or VA Hospital to obtain the local guidelines.”


If you want to send cards, please follow those guidelines!




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