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Support for Military Pets

For all you pet lovers out there, here’s a great organization that you can get involved with to help military service members and their pets.

If you’re a pet owner, you know that without a question, they are a member of your family. But, what do you do if you have to go away for several months? What if you are a single service member and you have an upcoming year long deployment? You don’t have any family nearby or a friend who can have a dog in their apartment or who won’t be deploying or PCSing while you’re gone. This can definitely be a very tough situation for a dog owner. Dogs on Deployment is a great organization to help with this situation!

Dogs on Deployment supports military pets nationwide. If you are deploying and you aren’t sure what to do about your dog or cat, check out Dogs on Deployment. And if you are an animal lover and want to help out someone who is deploying by boarding their dog while they’re away, check out Dogs on Deployment.

For more information check out Dogs on Deployment website. It’s such a great organization!




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