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Lone Survivor the Movie

It’s been a while. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and we wish you a healthy New Year!

Have any of you seen Lone Survivor? My husband and I saw it the other week. It’s a very good movie. It’s also very intense. It’s not a feel good movie by any means. However, I think it is a war movie…a war story…that America needs. By that I don’t mean that everyone should go see it, by all means it is not a movie for everyone. It’s a true war story…with a little bit of Hollywood film making in it… but it’s real and it show cases what many servicemen and women do for our country, what they risk and sacrifice, what their brother(sister)hood is like, the dangers they face. It’s eye opening. It’s not for everyone, but if you are up to it, go see it.



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