Our journey to give a little thanks to our wounded warriors. If you're a new visitor check out "Our Story" & "The Deliveries."

It’s Delivery Day!

It’s Delivery Day!!

Bob and Dad arrived in Bethesda yesterday afternoon after their 3 day 200 mile bike ride!

Tom, Kari, and Gannon Mesko picked Mom up yesterday afternoon to drive down to Bethesda with the Tastykakes.

They were scheduled to drop off the Tastykakes around 10am this morning at a loading dock at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and now they are set up and passing out the boxes of Tastykakes to wounded warriors! So cool! What an awesome experience that must be! Wish I could be there with them! They just met a couple whose son was recently injured similar to Marshall’s injury.

We collected roughly the same amount of Tastykakes as last year (1600) and we exceed our monetary donations from last year! We raised $10k! Woo hoo! We bought about $8k worth of gift cards to hand out to wounded warriors as well and the rest of the monetary donations will be donated to an organization that helps out wounded warriors.

I wish I could’ve been there today to be a part of this awesome moving experience!

Here are some pictures I want to share with you!

Donated Tastykakes!

More donated Tastykakes!

The Tastykakes delivered to Walter Reed!

Getting ready to pass out Tastykakes!

Thank you all for your support! We really appreciate it! Thanks for helping us support and thank our wounded warriors!



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