Our journey to give a little thanks to our wounded warriors. If you're a new visitor check out "Our Story" & "The Deliveries."

Here We Go…!

Lots going on lately!

I unfortunately will not be able to attend the delivery this year partly because I am so far away in NC now and because of work. However, I’ve been able to help out from afar, which has been great.

Luckily, I was able to get home to PA over Columbus Day weekend, so I had some time to catch up and see what all was going on with the Marshall Plan. We had a few days where we had close to 20 envelopes in the PO Box, which was awesome! We’ve had a handful of monetary donations come in via PayPal as well. Lots of Tastykakes too! It was nice to actually be there for a few days to see what’s happening!

We have roughly the same amount of Tastykakes as last year! Yay! And I believe we will exceed the amount of monetary donations we received last year as well! Awesome!

Mom will be purchasing all the gift cards soon.

While the Tastykake drive has ended, you can still donate money by sending a check or cash to: The Marshall Plan, PO Box 285, Bethlehem, PA 18016. Or.. you can donate via Paypal – check out our donate page on how to do that.

The bike ride from Bethlehem to Bethesda started this morning. Dad and Bob hit the road! They’ll arrive in Bethesda on Sunday!

I’m pumped! What another great year of the Marshall Plan, but you can still help out to make it even better!!



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