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Dogs and Servicemen

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve updated…again. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

No major developments with the Marshall Plan 2.0 at the moment. We are aiming for another October delivery though.

For the boyfriend and me, our dog is pretty much the center of our lives. It’s so amazing how a pet can make such a difference in your life and the unconditional love you receive from them. Recently, I’ve seen many pictures of service members and their pooches and I want to share them all with you!

This picture is courtesy of Dog Bless You’s Facebookpage. I love Dog Bless You’s FB, always full of great photos and the best part, for every 1,000 “likes” through July 4th, they will donate a service dog to a war veteran! How cool is that?! Make sure you go to their FB and like them ASAP!

Zoe the therapy dog travels with her handler Karen through Afghanistan and brings comfort to the soldiers there. Let’s thank Karen and Zoe for their amazing work.

Here’s another from Dog Bless You’s FB:

Sonny reporting for service dog training, armed with a wet nose and unconditional love. 46 dogs for 46 veterans!

And… A campaign poster from Dog Bless You’s FB… You can print it out and post it around:

47 dogs and counting! Want to do more for the cause? Download Dog Bless You campaign posters, print them out, and put them up around your neighborhood: http://bit.ly/pvaUo1

Another Facebook page that I ‘Like’ is Paws Assisting Veterans. They train and provide service dogs to wounded vets at no cost to the vets.

Veterans please email us at info@paveusa.org to apply for a service dog. Remember PAVE does not charge for the dog.

For more information about Paws Assisting Veterans, visit their website: www.paveusa.org.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend.



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