Our journey to give a little thanks to our wounded warriors. If you're a new visitor check out "Our Story" & "The Deliveries."


Wow, what a great response to the Etsy posts! Thank you!

As usual, I came across a few more awesome articles and organizations to post… Check out the links!

This is just…Wow… POW Blinking Morse Code ‘T-O-R-T-U-R-E’

Just saw a commercial for this: USO Invisible Wounds

The Wounded Warrior Project had a Soldier Ride over the weekend that started in Miami and ended in Key West. Vets had the chance to hang with some dolphins. Pretty cool if you ask me. Here’s an article about it: Wounded Warrior Project Unites Veterans And Dolphins In Three-Day Ride

Here are a few pretty cool photos from Tough Mudder’s Facebook Page from a recent Tough Mudder in Arizona.

A Tough Mudder participant carrying a Wounded Warrior Project flag.

Wounded Warrior Project represented at a Tough Mudder in Arizona

Hell yeah!


So cool! I need to get in shape so I can run a Tough Mudder some day. Looks like fun!




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